Thursday, June 30, 2011

... And Here Comes The Race Doubts

For someone who is a race addict and thinks she can accomplish damn near anything, I get the worst case of race doubts when racing in new distances. I just picked up my race packet for the Summerfest Rock n Sole Half Marathon, and it hit me that my first half marathon is in exactly 10 days. ::cue panic attack:: I think I will be more calm in the zombie apocalypse, than I am talking about this half marathon. Something that I have been dreaming about, and prepping for nearly a year is in a week and a half. I'm normally a realist, but I've noticed that I become quite the pessimistic leading up to races. I'm at this weird point where I don't even want to train, almost like I'm trying to fail.

Who would have thought a small piece of paper with a number on it could bring on a panic attack?

It probably doesn't help that I'm coming off of an injury, so I'm just really doubting my body. For the past week I've been having issues with cramping in my left leg. I have been holding off on the foam roller phenomenon this entire time, but finally caved. Who would have thought a cylinder of hard foam could cost thirty dollars be a gift from the heavens above? Sure, while using it I was in pain and wanted to kill inflict pain upon whoever invented the stupid thing, but I woke up the next morning actually able to walk. What a relief! Finally got back to running this week, and it's been rough. I feel really unstable. Not sure if I'm babying my 'injury', or if it's all in my head?

If you start doubting yourself before races, how do you reverse it and get your head back in the game?

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  1. I think you are feeling really normal for someone running a half honey :) I don't think you are stressing to much, that's to be expected. What I would do, is close your eyes, count to ten and open them. Look outside and just remind yourself: you are not running this because you HAVE to, you are running this because you WANT to, so have fun with it, don't worry about time or "failure" vs success. The thing about racing is, getting out on that track IS winning. I don't think anything you have done in the last year can be seen as something to doubt. You have done a fantastic job of training your body and you will do wonderful :) just keep fun on the horizon, if you are having fun you just can't lose. <3