Monday, August 15, 2011

Pack Your Bags And Drive To A Sunny Day

I'm back in California.

Okay, okay... I've actually been back in California for 2 weeks now. After an amazing 2 month long vacation in Milwaukee, WI, it's definitely bittersweet to be back in California. Being "home" in Milwaukee was a blast; for two months I got to feel like my old self again. In a weird way it was nice being able to go out on a Friday and Saturday night, go to concerts and be with all my friends. I actually felt like a normal 25 year-old. As much fun as I had over those two months, I'm glad to be back in my own home. I've missed cooking in my kitchen, sleeping in my own bed and being my 25 year-old self with five years of marriage under her belt.

That's another thing that has recently happened, just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary. Well, I guess celebrated it as any other military couple would whose spouse is currently deployed. We were lucky enough to Skype for 45 minutes and 53 seconds (who's counting?!) and he sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sure, it's not the traditional way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, but our marriage is anything but traditional. Just over six years ago we started dating, and 364 days later we were walking down the aisle. Just over a month after we said our "I do's," we were saying our "I'll see you later's" (It's never goodbye, it's I'll see you later) as he boarded the bus to Iraq. So in a weird way it almost seemed fitting that we would be celebrating our golden anniversary (we were married on August 5th) while he was deployed to a far away land.

The past five years have been quite the adventure. In five years we have lived in 2 states, 4 cites and now currently on our second duty station. Nothing brings a couple closer together than deployments and PCSing. Well, those two things can do one of two things: strengthen their marriage, or weaken their marriage. We've been lucky that thus far it's been the first one. You just have look at the good side of things, instead of dwelling on the negatives. For anyone who has been stationed in the oh-so-glamorous MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, you know that this place can not only make or break a relationship, but a person as well. To put it kindly, we're in the middle of nowhere. But since we've moved here we've learned to make the best of what God has given us. Isn't that what life is truly about? If you don't like the hand you're given, make it what you want it to be.

Yep, I was definitely planning on a running blog today, but this just seemed to flow. :] Running blog up this week. Promise. Thanks for reading.

Home I often use the term loosely. I have two homes. Milwaukee is home because it's where I'm from. My second home is wherever I'm currently living.
PCS Permanent Change of Station
MCAGCC Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

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