Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I've disappeared... again.

I know this is no excuse, and I don't exactly have the best track record for blogging regularly. Oops! Anyways, the reason excuses excuses I've disappeared the last few weeks is that I've been a crazy working as many hours as I can, organizing to the point of perfection, to cleaning all nooks and crannies fool. Why? Because this happened... finally.

So what if the first thing I noticed in this picture were my legs? 

Yep! My husband is finally home from Afghanistan, and has been back in the states for almost a week. We've been busy getting things ready for our cross-country road trip, and just trying to enjoy each-others company. It's crazy going from a single housewife for the last 7 months, only talking to my husband once every week or two, to having my husband by my side 24/7. So surreal at times. There are still moments when we're watching tv on the couch that I can't believe he's actually sitting next to me. I can't even explain the feeling. It's funny thinking back to early in the deployment and the conversations I would have with fellow wives, and the things we'd wish for. Thank goodness he has been easing me back into his obsession love of video games because I remember quite vividly there was a rough week, where I told my friend Jenna that I would give anything to see my husband sitting on the couch, ignoring me while playing Call Of Duty. It's weird getting used to the little things like cooking dinner for two again, sharing the remote or not being able to sprawl out across our queen sized bed. It's the little things I tend to take for granted when he is home, and it's the weirdest feeling getting back into the swing of things when he's home. Luckily he has been amazing helping get us back into the swing of life from 7 months ago. He's been back in his routine of putting gas in the cars, taking out trash and making breakfast in the mornings. Sometimes it's those little things that you miss the most.

Together again. <3

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  1. What a great picture of you two! So cute! Glad he is back home with you safe and sound!