Friday, December 30, 2011

Chaotic Thoughts of an Injured Runner...

It's been six weeks since my IT bands FREAKED THE EFF OUT started to hurt, and I'm officially going stir crazy. I really thought I hit rock bottom a few weeks ago, but I've hit new lows. I've foam rolled. I've ice packed. I've relaxed watching the entire third season of Sons of Anarchy in just over a day. I've ibuprofened/Naproxened. Now, I'm starting to eat my feelings.

Yes. My IT Band freaked out exactly like this...

I had my physical therapy evaluation just the other day, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't in some major pain afterwards. After an hour of being poked, prodded and moved into crazy positions to test my flexibility I was over it. But! She showed me a few stretches, new correct foam roller techniques and how to use a rolling pin (yes, a kitchen rolling pin) to roll out muscles when they're too tight to use full body pressure on my foam roller.

Here's where my crazy thoughts come in and I apologize if it's chaotic.

Well, see... there's this half marathon coming up in three weeks. I'm actually scheduled for it's big brother, the full marathon, but since my injury six weeks ago my husband and I have traded bibs. I'm really trying to heal in the next few weeks so I can attempt to walk/jog the 13.1 miles. I haven't ran in 6 weeks, but I'm determined to run a race that I've been looking forward to for so long (and also 1 of 3 in the San Diego Triple Crown). It's bad enough that I've had to give up my hopes of running the full marathon option. It literally broke my sweet little heart. What has seemed to make things worse was trading bibs with my husband, and giving him my bib for a full that was supposed to be my first. Am I sad? Yep. Am I jealous? Heck yea. Am I holding a grudge? I'm trying really hard not to, but I'd be lying if I said that a little part of me doesn't hurt when he's out on his training runs. So I have 3 weeks to heal, and to attempt a half marathon in the 4 hour 30 minute deadline (definitely do-able... I think). Something inside of me is saying "Heck yes, Andie!" and there's the other voice saying "This is a bad idea..." and there's this third voice telling me "Just keep watching Netflix and eating your feelings."

Which will win? Only time will tell.

Though this is incredibly tempting....


  1. Andie I definitely know how it feels being injured and sitting on the sidelines. I had to abandon my first ultra (a 50 miler) while still watching my running partner train and complete it. It sucked and I bargained with myself daily as I attempted to convince myself and others that I could safely complete it, though I wouldn't actually race it mind you, just run it. Ultimately, I made the right decision by not running it. I would suggest that you do the same. Take the time to heal up properly or you will be out much longer than you should be. Although it sucks, there will be other races. BTW, I wrote a funny post about injuries and grief that you might like. It's at if you're interested.

    Good luck and get better!

  2. Mike is absolutely positively correct and his post is spot on. I just came back after being on the shelf for almost a year and a half - do not rush it and don't do things like I did to delay your recovery, just to run. If you wait, you will be running better sooner - be patient. I know I know being patient is not in most runner's dictionary - but you gotta be, otherwise you could be out longer and that really, really sucks - been there done that.

    get better and you will look back at this and laugh even though you can't right now.