Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making Time.

I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first? Good news? Good! Good news, I just got a job 3 weeks ago at a gym as front desk and sales. ::happy dance:: The bad news? I have had the hardest time fitting in work outs. ::hangs head in shame:: So what's a girl to do? Sit on my butt and watch Teen Mom 2 Make time.

Before this job, I had always given all my working-runner-moms (and dads) credit for the ability to balance life. Now, I have a whole new appreciation. Trying to balance a 40 hour a week job, work outs, housework and cooking has been a challenge to say the least. I couldn't even imagine adding a child or two into the mix of craziness in the morning. I have a hard enough time getting myself all prettied up, fed and caffeinated and adding a little one to that insanity has to be a balancing act all its own. 

Skipping work outs has to stop. Now. Right now. How? Writing my work outs into my schedule. It's not going to be pretty for a few weeks while I'm trying to get used to it, but I know once I get used to my new routine I'm going to love it. 

It's game on.

Also, I hope to have some awesome things in the works. Not going to give any information until I have the final word, but if all goes well it will be very very exciting! ::happy dance:: Another thing in my schedule is to add in blogging time [not pictured]. My goal is to have at least one post a week, or two if I want to spice things up. See you all next week. Pinky promise.

Question: How do you make time and balance work outs into a hectic schedule?


  1. I do exactly as you do during the week. I actually put it in my outlook calendar! Although I don't always keep to he schedule,nit helps. I also try to find someone else when I'm on the road so I feel I have to show up if they're going to be at he gym as well. A little peer pressure

    1. That's actually what me and a coworker are doing! If she goes to Group Training on Tuesday with me, I go to Combat Fit with her on Thursday. Helps me hold to the plans a little more! :)