Friday, March 2, 2012

Post-Injury PRs.

Trying to get back into running hasn't been difficult because it's hard to breath, or because it hurts (okay, I lied) but it's because I'm constantly comparing my post-injury times and distance PRs to those pre-injury. It can be incredibly disheartening going out for a 5k and coming in just under 40 minutes, when my pre-injury PR was under 29 minutes. Or heck, it's hard when I'm dying at the 3 mile mark when I used to go out for a fun 13 miler. Why can't I just be happy that I'm off the couch and no longer eating ibuprofen like they're Skittles? What happened to the Andie that used to go out for a run just to run without worrying about distance and speed? She got caught up with constantly training for one race or another for the entirety of 2011.

On Friday night I had one of those nights where I was angry and irritated and just wanted to punch a wall. Instead of punching a hole in wall and trying to explain that to housing or breaking my hand and trying to explain that (I ran into a door? I fell down the stairs?), I opted for a run. I laced up and I hit the pavement without a time or distance in mind. I just ran. I started by staying close to home in fear of my ITB getting angry, but began venturing off further and further from home. The result? A post-injury distance and time PR: 4.28 miles / 51:07 minutes = 12:05 min/mile.

First run with my Garmin 610. I'm in love.

Because of that run, I had an eureka! moment of sorts. I decided that just as I shouldn't compare myself to other runners, I also shouldn't compare my current self to my pre-injury self. Well, until the day I'm stronger and faster and can kick pre-injury Andie's butt.  


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  2. get it girl!! it's really hard not to compare. and remember, your always your toughest critic. seriously rockin time and eureka moment :)

  3. Hang in there - you are doing great especially considering your injury. You will get through it, you are strong!

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  5. I know exactly how you feel since I'm dealing with the same injury. :( I used to run long and maybe not overly fast, but good enough for me. Now I run 3 miles & can't/don't want to fight the pain, so I stop. Frustrating & disheartening, but that eureka you had is necessary. ;)

  6. Hi there! Just found your blog via curlyrunnerbug, and thought I'd leaeve a note! Post-injury sucks, but know there's better things around the corner! :)